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What to wear to a summer wedding this season


what to wear to a summer weddingWedding season is finally here and I am sure you maybe wondering about what to wear to a summer wedding this season because there is nothing more we like than an opportunity to “dress up.”

And while we like to “dress up” sometimes you must agree we get it all wrong and weddings are one of those times that we do.

So I am happy to have Nicole Brewer, David’s Bridal newest Style Ambassador and former “Biggest Loser” star, sharing some advice on not only what to wear to a spring or summer wedding but how to dress appropriately for your body shape so that you show off and play up the body features that you like best or tone down the ones you are not to excited about. 

I really like the fact that Nicole is known for helping curvy, shapely and full figured women celebrate their curves and I’m sure you will like that too, because most Bahamian ladies are not petite.

Nicole, talks about finding a dress that flatters your body type as this is sometimes the most challenging thing when shopping, but once you know some basic rule then I’m sure it is going to a lot easier. So turn up the volume and listen as Nicole explains…

What to wear to a summer wedding

The first thing you want to do  is ask yourself which of your body part do you like best? And once you have answered that question, whether you choose to accentuate your neckline, bust or waist you then want to look for a dress with details that allows you to do just that.

I am sure you enjoyed the video. Well here is another  of Nicole’s videos as she joins Candace Rose of and provide more advice on not only what dress to wear to that summer wedding but also on the latest trends in dresses, shoes, makeup, beauty, hair and skincare.

You gonna just love the Dove product mentioned at the end of the video so be sure and watch to the end!

 Latest summer wedding trends 

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