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Wedding Gifts: An Easy Guide to Wedding Gifts

The proper wedding gift etiquette is something all brides and wedding guest should familiarize themselves with as you look to receive and give wedding gifts.

Wedding gifts etiquetteSo, is it o.k for brides to have their wedding registry at more than one store or request cash instead of wedding gifts?  Or how much should you really be spending on a gift?

These are all questions that we will be answering for you in this easy guide to wedding gifts for brides, groom and their guest. And we have a an informative video for you as well at the end.

An Easy Guide to Wedding Gifts

Here is an easy guide to wedding gifts that should help brides, groom and wedding guest.

Bride’s wedding Gift Etiquette

  • Register your gift choice. This is the ideal way to let your family and friends know exactly what you need and want as wedding gifts.
  • Register early, at least 7-9 months before the wedding. This will give both your shower and wedding guests early access to your registry and the courtesy of time to budget for the purchase of your gift.
  • Create a wedding registry that has at least twice as many items as guests on your wedding list.  It is also o.k to create your wedding gift registry with more than one store.
  • Update your wedding registry regularly. This will ensure that your guest will also have choices.
  • Post your registry information on your website and update your family and friends so that they spread the information for you.
  • Cash gifts are acceptable but be sure to let your close wedding attendants i.e. Best man and Matron of Honour, know that you prefer cash. You should never be the one communicate that you want to your guest.
  • Write your “Thank You” notes within two weeks for gifts received before the wedding and within four week after the wedding for all other gifts

Guest Wedding Gift Etiquette

  • Buy your couple a wedding gift. While you are not obligated to do so, wedding gifts have become “obligatory.”
  • Buy your gift from the couple’s wedding registry. This will ensure that your gift is something they want and need.
  • Only spend what you can afford. While there is talk about spending bases on guest count you are not obligated to do this.
  • Shop early. You want to buy your wedding gift as soon as you get the invitation. As shopping early will allow you to get your pick of the inexpensive gifts on the registry.
  • Send you gift before the wedding to the bride’s home.
  • Giving cash is acceptable and nearly half of all brides prefer a their wedding gift.
  • Give a gift whether you attend the wedding or not. The only exception is in the case a non- relative or person whom you rarely see, then you can choose to sent a gift or just your well wishes.

Here is a video with Sarah Newel, Lifestyle Editor at sharing on how to give and receive wedding gifts. 

An Easy Guide to Wedding Gifts

Now that you have the rules for how to give and receive wedding gifts be sure and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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