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Top Ten Reasons to be an Exhibitor at the Bahamas Bridal Show

Bahamas Bridal & Wedding Planner Glenn FergusonI have just given brides and grooms 7 insider tips to saving time and money planning your wedding, while being inspired & having fun at the Bahamas Bridal Show.”

Now I am going to share the Top Ten Reasons Wedding Planners and wedding vendors should be an exhibitor at the Bahamas Bridal Show.” 

The number one reason I feel for being at the bridal show is to give brides and grooms an opportunity to experience your product and services in an environment that closely resemble the experience they are looking for on their wedding day. And if you are able to connect then you are guaranteed to maximize the return on your investment – and I am sure that is your reason for attending as well.

However, you wont be able to do that unless you are prepared and appreciate the other benefits of the bridal show.  So here are eight more reasons for exhibiting at the Bahamas Bridal Show

  1. Gauge your place in the market – Don’t underestimate the impact of being able to get immediate feedback from your key audience on your product and services. This alone is worth the investment as it will allow you and your staff to see exactly how your services fare against the competition. And no matter how poorly you fare the good news is that you will get a second chance as the wedding industry represent an always renewing customer base 
  2. Enhance Staff Moral – There is nothing like a little competition and your staff will certainly benefit from being at the show, and its electrifying environment will help to build, not only their moral but the quality of service they provide to your customers.
  3. Showcase you – The bridal show will allow brides and grooms to really get to know your products and services as they taste, touch and handle it in a non threatening environment. While allowing you to get a look at emerging wedding trends.
  4. Enhance Selling Skills – here is your opportunity to wow and excite new prospect in a captive environment and hopefully close a few of the couples that are getting married.
  5. Increase your company’s visibility – there is no question that if you are not there you wont be missed as another vendors will quickly fill you place. So you want to be there as this will enable you to increase your company’s visibility by taking advantage of the free publicity that will be provide by the news media.
  6. Demonstrate your company as an industry leader – Brides and grooms will certainly expecting to see the very best that the wedding industry have to offer and if you are not there you would miss an opportunity to be perceived in that light.
  7. Great Timing – One of the favorite times for couples to get engaged is Valentine’s Day. So you are sure to meet a lot of eager brides wanting to plan their wedding.
  8.  Limited Opportunity – Bridal shows in the Bahamas are few and far between so this shows gives you one of those rare opportunities.

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