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Top 6 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes by Brides


When it come to wedding planning here are the Top 6 most common mistakes by brides when planning their wedding.  Avoid these planning mistakes and you are guaranteed to have the Perfect Wedding Day. 


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So what are the top 6 most common wedding planning mistakes by brides?

Top 6 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes by Brides

1. Forgetting the final wedding dress fitting appointment

One of the biggest mistakes brides make is forgetting to arrange their final fitting. Leading to a panic attack on the morning of the wedding when they realize the dress simply does not fit. And then have to resorting to safety pins to secure or some other quick fix home remedy or feeling sore from a wedding dress that is too-tight. So do not let this happen to you.

You can avoid this by simply making sure you remember to do your final dress fitting. And on your Wedding Day I guarantee that you will feel as though you could wear your wedding dress forever.

2. Not booking a Make-up or Hair Trial Appointment

Imagine turning around to face the mirror once your hairdresser or make-up artist has worked their magic only to suddenly feel sick and faint at the results.

It is imperative to book yourself in for a Make-up or hair trial prior to your big day unless you totally trust the professional or if you are keeping your hair and beauty simplistic (which is hard to get wrong).

The one thing  you do not want, is  to be feeling self-conscious on your wedding day as it will distract you from focusing on more important things and will eventually leave you unhappy with your wedding photographs later on.

So be sure and book your Make-up and Hair trial. Do not see it as a waste of money. But as your insurance to having a gorgeous day and pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

3. Forgetting to Pay the Wedding Vendors

Forgetting to pay the wedding vendorsWith so much going on before the wedding day itself it can be all too easy to let things slip your mind, but forgetting to pay the final installment to your florist or catering services could be disastrously.

While your vendors should always send reminders for the final payments, but if you are a stressed bride or groom these polite reminders will most likely go unnoticed. 

So be sure that all of your vendors are paid because the reality of being a stranded bride or having hungry guests can lead to a disastrous wedding day.

4. Enjoying Yourself too Much

Enjoying yourself just a little too much the night before your wedding by having one drink too many or getting a little too merry at the reception, is a common mistake among brides and grooms.

Do not forget that your wedding day is likely to be the most captured day of your life, and with your guests all having cameras (every cell phone has one) ready to snap you at every moment, the
embarrassment will never leave you after looking through drunken photographs or listening to the stories of your guests about your drunken behaviour.

So do not ruin the most important day of your life by having a hangover from one too many drinks at your wedding-eve party. An early and sober night is the best way to guarantee a memorable wedding day!

5. Not Giving your Wedding DJ a playlist

This may not seem like an important consideration given all that you have to do but the one thing you do not want to do is let your DJ or wedding musician loose on the music for your reception as this could be the biggest wedding mistake you make.

You want to control the atmosphere at your reception and the best way to do that is by giving you DJ a playlist of the music you would like at your wedding.  Be clear with your wedding entertainer and make a list of no play songs.

Remember your wedding reception is your guest first opportunity to experience you as a host and you want to make a great first impression.

6. Not Sampling the Food

6 common wedding planning mistake by brides not sampling the foodWhen selecting your wedding reception venue or caterers, the most important thing is to try the food before you commit to using their services. Hungry wedding guests being presented with a cold plate of undercooked food is not the recipe for you having a happy wedding reception.  

You also want to consider your guest special needs. It will not be courteous not have any vegetarian options for your meat-avoiding guests.   

Remember you are the host so everything that happens on your wedding day is a reflection of your taste. So be sure that the your wedding meal is as lavish as you envisioned it.

To be sure you do not make any of these 6 common wedding planning mistakes brides make here is an Easy Wedding Planner Organizer & Keepsake developed by the Knot to help you keep on track. And be sure and read the 8 Things You Can Do to Avoid a Wedding Planning Meltdown

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