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Real Wedding & EngagementsWe are always looking for new and interesting real wedding and engagement photographs to feature. So if you are a photographer and you have wedding photographs, engagement shoots, or trash the dress shoots of either Brides  or engaged couples then we would like to hear from you. Just email me on: glenn@bahamasbridalweddingplanner

We would need the images in jpeg format, and if the bride and groom are up for it then we would love a short interview to tell their story. 10 -15 images should be enough to get a taste of the wedding and determine whether we can feature it or not. And be sure to include your contact details so that we can credit you accordingly.

Real Weddings & Engagements:

If you are a bride or groom and you would like to submit your own wedding, the same rules apply but please get permission from your photographer before you send anything to us at Bahamas Bridal & Wedding Planner.

The same thing applies if you are a newly engaged couple, use our popular website to share your engagement with your family and friends.

Please note only submit pictures that haven’t already been on another wedding website, so please tell me us if your pictures have been featured somewhere else.

Venues and Suppliers:

We only write about people we have met personally or have been recommended to us. As a wedding planner one of our responsibility is to recommend various vendors and the best way to do this is to to go out and meet and source the best venues and suppliers in the business. If you would like to be added in our featured Preferred Wedding Vendors Directory then let us know and we will come on over and get to know you.

Creative Crediting:

Bahamas Bridal & Wedding Planner try very hard to make sure that everyone and everything is fully credited. If you see something that hasn’t been fully referenced, or something that’s yours and you would rather it didn’t appear then please let us know right away and we will make the adjustments.

Any questions, or if you have anything else you would like to contact us about just email or  call 1-242-327-2453/ 1-501-588-4621

Looking forward to having you join us with your real weddings & engagement pictures



Glenn S. Ferguson