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Engaged: Rules for Announcing Your Wedding Engagement


I am sure like every girl you dream of the day when the love of your life, your “prince charming and knight in shinning armour” drops to one knee and pop the question – Will You Marry Me?  

And you wish it will be in the most memorable way possible. Here is what I am talking about as Isaac pulls off this incredible live lip-dub proposal to his girl friend Amy.

Viral Youtube wedding engagement proposal of Isaac to Amy

While your engagement may not have gone viral on Youtube, I am sure that it is no doubt one of your happiest moments.  And now that you are engaged you want to tell the world about your  engagement. But how do you go about doing it may be the question you are having.

Well, there are really no hard and fast rules about engagement, but here are some practical rules that you can use to get announcing your wedding engagement right.

Rules for Announcing Your Wedding Engagement

  • Share the word with family and friends. While its only natural to want to tell the world that you are now engaged, you want to be sure that you start by telling those that are closest to you – your immediate family and friends first.  You don’t want to dampen your special moment by hurting the feeling of those you care so deeply about.
  • Tell the rest of the World. Once you have shared the good news with your family and friends now its time to make a formal announcement to the world. You can do this by either mailing announcements to distant relative and friends or simply publishing an announcement in the local media including newspaper, television. And by all mean you want to share it with us in our Real Weddings & Engagements
  • Party Time. Girl you know everyone wants to see the ring and there is no better way to show off your ring than at a party. So go ahead and plan your engagement party. Just remember that anyone you invite to the party must also be invited to the wedding and there is no asking for gifts. You want you party to be fun filled event for family and friends to enjoy themselves while celebrating with you.

Good to know about wedding Engagement Ring

wedding engagementTraditionally it is the groom’s responsibility to purchase the wedding engagement ring but there is nothing wrong if you decide that you would like to contribute toward the purchase of your ring.

And if your forever love does not make it to the altar, then it you want to be sure and return the ring,  if calling off the wedding was your decision. Otherwise its is acceptable for you to pawn the ring – I mean keep the ring.

There is no question that you are excited about your wedding engagement but be careful not get overwhelmed and remember to enjoy yourself as you still have the wedding planning ahead of you.

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