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Want to Be Part of An Exclusive Group of Wedding Vendors in the Bahamas?

Wedding Adertisng in the BahamasTired of buying expensive advertising that just does not give you the exposure that you need?

Then stop wasting your money and take advantage of this opportunity to be part of an exclusive group of Preferred wedding vendors in the Bahamas.

This exclusive A-list of Bahamas Wedding professionals and service providers mean that you no longer have to compete against so many other wedding vendors in your category for the attention of brides as each service category will be limited to just 5 vendors.

Allowing more brides the opportunity to fully evaluate your services and contact you for their wedding, as you will get unmatched exposure for your wedding advertising in the Bahamas.

6 reasons why Bahamas Bridal Wedding Planner advertising is different from other websites:

  1. You will get Unlimited Exposure. Bahamas Bridal Wedding Planner is ranked by Alexa as one of the top wedding websites not only in the Bahamas but the world. Therefore, you will benefit from the website’s popularity now but as we will continue to focus on growing its traffic with ongoing campaigns to make sure that brides see your listing in our Preferred Wedding Vendors Directory.
  2. This is a very Limited Exclusive Opportunity. This offer is limited exclusively to ONLY 5 vendors in each category, so that we can spotlight each of our Preferred Wedding Vendors.
  3. You will benefit from Mobile Traffic. With Bahamas Telecommunication Company (BTC) now offering 4G services we will put you on the cutting edge of technology by enabling you to benefit from our mobile traffic and increase your exposure even more. And you will get to take advantage of some unique and exclusive advertising campaigns.
  4. Bahamas Bridal Wedding Planner’s visitors are Luxury Buyers. Our visitors are 3 times more likely to visit luxury websites, clearly indicating that they are buyers of luxury items and services. So you can expect your average dollar sales from our visitors to greater.
  5. Brides will contact you directly. Bahamas Bridal Wedding Planner will showcase your company, thereby making it easier for brides to contact you directly as they will have easy access to your telephone number, email address, website, blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  6. Special Bonus ($399.00 Value). As Preferred Wedding Vendor, you also get featured in an exclusive article about you and your company in our special Bahamas wedding planning column, absolutely FREE. This feature will put your company’s information on some of the most influential wedding sites in the world and link them to your website.

Limited Special Rate Opportunity

You can be part of this exclusive group of Preferred wedding Vendors at a Limited Time Special Rate of ONLY $349.00 (that is a $100.00 discount of the regular annual rate of $449.00) but you must apply Today.

How You Can Become a Preferred Wedding Vendor:

To apply, just complete the form below and we will contact you once your application would have been approved to arrange payment.

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