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8 Things You Can Do to Avoid a Wedding Planning Meltdown
  Are you in the midst of wedding planning and fearful of becoming the dreaded Bridezilla? By now you know that its not easy being a bride-to-be and the pressure of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. And with all that added stress, you maybe finding it difficult to remain your normally cheerful, pleasant, well-mannered and warm-hearted self.  Well if you are not sure what happening, [...]
Top 6 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes by Brides
  When it come to wedding planning here are the Top 6 most common mistakes by brides when planning their wedding.  Avoid these planning mistakes and you are guaranteed to have the Perfect Wedding Day.    To help you keep on track here is an Easy Wedding Planner Organizer & Keepsake developed by the Knot. So what are the top 6 most common wedding planning mistakes by brides? Top [...]
Engaged: Rules for Announcing Your Wedding Engagement
  I am sure like every girl you dream of the day when the love of your life, your "prince charming and knight in shinning armour" drops to one knee and pop the question - Will You Marry Me?   And you wish it will be in the most memorable way possible. Here is what I am talking about as Isaac pulls off this incredible live lip-dub proposal to his girl friend Amy. Viral Youtube wedding engagement [...]
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