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7 Tips to Saving Time & Money While Planning Your Wedding at the Bahamas Bridal Show

Bahamas bridal wedding plannerThere is no question that planning a wedding can be a daunting task for most brides but it does not have to be and one of the quickest and easiest ways to simplify your wedding planning is to attend a bridal show.  

I can hear you saying it now, “bridal show?”  Yes a bridal show, and what makes a bridal show so great for wedding planning is that it not only gives you the opportunity to see the latest wedding trends and fashions, but it also allows you to interact with wedding vendors and brides as well.

So you get to see what wedding planners, floral designers, photographers, caterers, hair stylist, nail designers, beauty and day spas, wedding cake & dessert designers and others in the wedding industry have to offer.

You also get to see them at their best, allowing you to really evaluate products, prices and services, all in a matter of hours, with the added benefits of possibly getting a special discount or winning one of the many prizes that are usually offered at these events.  

If you are planning a wedding, the good news is that you won’t have to wait much longer or even look very far to find a bridal show as the annual Bahamas Bridal Show will soon be here.

So here are 7 insider tips to saving time and money planning your wedding,  while being inspired & having fun at the Bahamas Bridal Show.

1. Know your Budget

The key to successfully planning your wedding is knowing just how much money you have available to spend. So be sure and set your wedding budget before attending the bridal show. This will allow you to see whether or not your budget is reasonable and exactly what can be accomplished for the dollars you have allocated.

2. Decide Why you are there

You want to ensure that you know your goal for attending the bridal show. Is it just to collect information, get ideas or to do some real wedding planning. Knowing why you are there will certainly help you maximize your time at this event.

Planning a wedding at the Bahamas Bridal Show3. Bring your fiancé along with you.

A bridal show is not just for brides, like the wedding its about both of you, so be sure and bring your fiance along and really make your wedding planning about you – the couple!  

You will also find sharing this time together is an incredible and rewarding bonding experience not only for your wedding planning but your marriage.

4. Be Sure & Register

The biggest mistake you can make when attending a bridal show is to not register.  Yes your information will most likely be shared with all of the participating vendors but this is standard practice and nothing to shy away from, as it is one of the benefits vendors get for participating – the ability to follow up with you after the show. 

But most importantly, by registering you become eligible to win the numerous prizes and get special discounts that will be offered at the bridal show. So be  sure and register.

 5. Bring Completed information Labels

I know it sounds strange but don’t miss this as it is not only a time saver but a strategic step as well.  Almost all of the participating vendors at the bridal show will likely have drawings for prizes and giveaways and each will require you to complete a form.

So bring along your own completed, self-adhesive labels with all of your information on them including your name, address, phone number, cell number, email, and the date of your wedding.  

Just think of how much time it will save you not having to complete those forms.  This simple strategic step will allow you to not only enter more drawings and increase your chance of winning, but also allows you time to experience more of what is happening at the bridal show.

Planning a wedding at the Bahamas Bridal Show6. Bring your purse along

While its easy to only concentrate on the many giveaways that will be offered during a bridal show, you want to make sure that you are prepared for any special offers that maybe available as well.

So be sure to bring along your purse with your checkbook and credit cards, just in case you have the opportunity to actually book a vendor or hold a date with a deposit.

Also, be sure and read carefully the fine print and refund policies on any contract or document you may sign prior to making your deposit.

7. Get There Early  

There is no question that bridal shows are crowded events, so be sure you get there as early as possible especially for the fashion show where seating can be limited.  You want to be seated for the fashion show at an hour prior to starting time so that you can get a good seat.

Bahamas bridal wedding plannerFinally once the Bahamas Bridal Show is done, be sure and review the information that you have collected so that you can make any decisions that need to be made as quickly as possible. You would not want to miss out on opportunities because you waited too long to contact a vendor.

And remember should you have questions about planning your wedding feel free to call us directly at 1-242-327-2453 or email and we will be happy to answer all of your questions

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